Saturday, April 27, 2013

Woolite's Win-Win Giveaway

A great way to feed the ol' revenue stream is to win a contest sponsored by a blogger. Give it a go! I've won a blogger giveaway and I've only been trying for about six weeks.

 My favorite current giveaway has to be this one sponsored by Woolite. Because if you use my link, we both win! And you can then get your own link and win along with those who use it. Win-Win giveaway. Love:

Woolite's Win-Win Giveaway


Spending on Beauty: Just Say No?

I might as well start my blog with a little confession. I am infatuated with makeup and skin care! Every day, my email box fills with tempting offers from Sephora, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Paula's Choice, and other beauty retailers. Even though I'm on a fixed income nowadays, I often find it impossible to resist that fatal click that brings me to one of these sites, where I check out the sales of the day, the new products, the freebies designed to vacuum up my money.

In my Gmail today: an alluring offer from Clinique of a 7-piece gift bonus I'd earn if I made a $25 purchase. $25: not so much, right? And they even supplied a code for two free mini Repairwears.  Of course, you know what happened next.

I click on the offer. I find two things I want, a cleanser to replenish one I've nearly used up, and a certain Chubby Stick eyeshadow in a shade I really like called Mighty Moss. The two items come to around $32, but I'll be charged for shipping because free shipping does not kick in until you spend $50. I hate paying for shipping, so I put another item in my cart and suddenly the total, with tax, is over $60.

I know I'll enjoy these products; when they arrive, it'll be a little Christmas-morning-in-May. And I know I can offset the expense a bit by buying through a portal like Ebates or Shop Discover. Usually, I  press the Checkout button and spend the money. But today I had an epiphany. I realized that other items in my collection were similar to the items in my cart, and that therefore these products were just a luxury I didn't need. So I closed the screen and I was 60-odd dollars richer for it.

And I will celebrate this windfall by starting a blog called Womanhood and Plenty. It'll be about spending and getting, saving and planning, product reviewing, and making a little money apart from the world of regular work. Welcome aboard.


 I just found out about this great Facebook giveaway for a set of lavish cosmetic products. Ends May 6:

Elizabeth Arden Giveaway